RAW: A Guide On Pet’s Raw Diet

Zine (2022)


In recent years, many pet owners have chosen a healthier diet plan for their pets by deciding to switch processed food for raw food. Preparing a raw diet at home can be time-consuming, and the owners who are new or interested in such diet options often lack knowledge, which could have negative consequences for their pets.

I designed a zine to teach pet owners about this diet option. It explains the do’s and don’ts that they need to be aware of. By creating infographic designs, I combine text and illustrations to create an engaging booklet that is easy for the audience to understand and absorb the information. Readers are able to learn about what the diet is, how it is healthier compared to processed food, specific food varieties, and harmful foods to avoid.

As a designer, I am interested in demystifying stereotypes by using typography and illustration. With this project I aim to clarify how a challenging topic can be made accessible and engaging and potentially open discussions in a target community.