Yours, Yarrow - Postpartum Depression Support & Advocacy

Branding (Fall 2020)

The goal of ‘Yours, Yarrow’ is to create a brand that not only caters to women who experience childbirth, but also fulfills the daily essential needs of the general public, as a portion of the profits from the gift box sales provided fundings to low-income mothers for counseling, therapy and psychiatrist sessions, as well as support groups. Different platforms would also be established as safe spaces for mothers to express their feelings, as well as serving as an educational platform for the families, friends, and the general public, to learn more about postpartum depression and how they could provide support to mothers in need. The brand name, ‘Yours, Yarrow’, is inspired by the yarrow plant, which has long been affiliated with war and healing. It strives to shed light on the struggles that mothers face during their pregnancy and childbirth, as well as serve as a reminder for them to take a step back and take care of themselves. The brand comes complete with a gift box containing everyday items such as candles, safety matches, shampoo, towel, bar soap, wet wipes, and lip balm, as well as an informative website and mobile app. Since postpartum depression is not as commonly talked about as other mental health issues, I wanted to use this project to advocate for the community and spread awareness with items that could be used on a daily basis. Moreover, some mothers are afraid of the idea of therapy due to cultural background influences, being in denial, or seeing therapy as something bad. By using meditation kits filled with daily-use objects, women could find more comfortability in their postpartum experience. These objects are also able to be used by the general public, in which they would be able to be educated in an approachable way.

Progress + Research
In the world, 10% of pregnant women and 13% of women who have given birth experience the syndromes of postpartum depression. Women in developing countries have a higher chance of experiencing such issue (15.6% of pregnant women and 19.8% of women who gave birth) due to the lack of resources and supports from their community (i.e. support groups, financial difficulties). In the United States, 1 out of 8 women (pregnant/after labour) has experience with this disorder. 

Some of the symptoms for postpartum depression include: 
  • Crying more often than usual
  • Sudden feelings of anger
  • Withdrawing from loved ones
  • Feeling numb or disconnected from their baby
  • Worrying that that they would hurt the baby
  • Feeling guilty about not being a good mother
  • Doubting their ability to care for their baby
  • Feeling neglected or ignored by their family members

Factors such as poverty, migration, extreme stress, exposure to violence (domestic, sexual, and gender-based), emergency and conflict situations, natural disasters, and low social support increase the risk of developing such disorder. 
  • 20% of mothers develop clinical depression from untreated postpartum depression later in their lives
  • 70% of maternal deaths involves opioids occurred during pregnancy or up to 42 days postpartum (mothers choose to abuse substances due to emotional drain and feel of lack of support)
  • 14-30% of maternal deaths is due to either suicide or drug overdose
  • 20% maximum of pregnant women receive a prescription for opiods in some states in the United States. 

In the Victorian languages of flowers, Yarrow symbolizes war and healing, which relates to the struggles that mothers face during their pregnancy and after childbirth, often stemming from postpartum trauma and sadness. This is the reason that I picked this plant as the symbol of the brand. 

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