CrunchTea Recruitment Platform Development

UI/UX Internship Case Study (2021)

I was a product design & research intern for the social media platform, CrunchTea, for 3 months in from June to September 2021. CrunchTea is an AI-based tech platform aiming to disrupt the global staffing and recruitment industry.

During the internship period, I took the lead in prototype development, competitive analysis, user research, usability and A/B testing. I collaborated with designers, data scientists, front-end engineers, and product managers to ideate product features and development.  

Timeline: June - September 2021

User interview was conducted with professionals in the financial services field to learn more about their recruiting process (including the softwares or websites they use) and the concerns that they have during the process. We asked the following questions and organized the answers into the following graphs: 

  • What is your recruiting process like?
  • What is your main critera when looking for ideal candidates for a particular role?
  • Which applications do you use to search for potential candidates (ex. linkedin)?
  • What are some problems you face when you look for potential candidates?
  • What difficulties do you experience when using applications to look for potential candidates?
  • How do you track and organise applicants for a particular role?
  • What are some difficulties you face in organising the applicants/ potential candidates for a particular role, if any?
  • Do you use any applicant tracking software? If yes please name.
  • Is there anything that frustrates you about the software you use to track applications?
  • Is there anything you would like to see added/ changed?

Wireframe Development
After organizing the answers, we began to create the wireframes for the platform. We creeate two sessions: employers and candidates, so both employers and candidates have the access to the platform. 

After conducting user testing and collaborations with engineers, we refined the wireframes.